The advantages of screen cutting off the desk

The advantages of screen cutting off the desk

Screen partition desk is one of our most common office styles. It makes the office environment more private and reduces the partition that enterprises must consider when dividing the office environment into small areas. For example, the former office environment is a single office environment with strong privacy, but at the same time, the office area is also more crowded and narrow. So what's the benefit of screen cutting off the modern office table?

Screen partition office desk

1. Colleague privacy

Office culture is more interesting. We are not only back-to-back comrades, but also face-to-face enemies. Under the premise of competition and cooperation, we hope that our desks can play more personal possibilities. In particular, white-collar desks, such as design and programming, need to consider the possibility of privacy.

However, in the current corporate culture, or in the general direction of corporate office environment, it tends to open centralized office. At this time, the screen separates the appearance of the desk, which is very satisfactory.

2. Improve office efficiency

Company offices are usually divided by departments or groups. If you work together, everyone's efficiency will be greatly improved. Whether it's exchange of information or mutual search for information, the collective office has obvious convenience.

But with the same advantages and disadvantages, it is easy to lead to the possibility of low office efficiency when people gather, and increase the screen to separate the desk, which is a good way to solve this problem.

3. Make the office environment more orderly

The use of toughened glass partition screen, in fact, is not only conducive to the formation of large-scale office environment, but also so many office environment will not generate noise due to the noise of personnel.

This main method is to rely on the screen good partition effect, a seemingly complete office environment, but also because of the existence of partition to create more individual independent space.

Screen partition desk provides privacy in modern office environment to the greatest extent, improves office efficiency, and promotes the existence of a more orderly office environment. At the same time, this partition reduces a large number of wall partitions in the office, avoiding the bad lighting effect and the possibility of causing the dark effect of the environment.

The smell on the desk is not fresh, especially the paint desk just bought back. It has a big peculiar smell, most of which are released by the exterior paint. This kind of taste is not only very unpleasant, but also contains a lot of harmful materials. If the punishment is improper, the paintings will be directly used, which will easily affect the health and bring respiratory diseases, so we have to do it Some reasonable punishment steps will be taken to remove such peculiar smell together with harmful materials.

1. Formaldehyde ablation enzyme

The peculiar smell on the desk is important for Xi'an office furniture, which comes from the paint release materials. The most crux is the house full. You can use the formaldehyde ablation enzyme to remove the formaldehyde. You can buy the spray formaldehyde analysis enzyme to spray the desk full. If the result is not very significant, you can try to use it repeatedly until the peculiar smell is completely removed.

2. Scrubbing with vinegar and warm water

This kind of essentials can be said to be extremely agile and fast. Burn a bucket of warm water, put in the appropriate vinegar, put the amount of vinegar in order to mix with the strong smell of vinegar. Beijing office furniture is the standard, and then hold all the washing centers for the desks without using any other cleaners. After scrubbing, arrange a period of time, wait for the vinegar to infiltrate the surface of the paint, and analyze the harmful materials. However Then wash it with clean water. This is the fastest way to get rid of peculiar smell and harmful substances.

3. Through formaldehyde removal company

Although there are many ways to get rid of formaldehyde, they are not professional enough. Besides desks, it is necessary to eliminate all indoor formaldehyde. Therefore, the best method of Wuhan Office furniture is to hire professional space purification companies at a cost. Through their instruments and professional skills, it seems that space and office furniture can be purified at one time.